Top 10 Network marketing companies in India [Best MLM companies in India]

In this article, you will discover the best top 10 network marketing companies in India functioning in today’s date.

There are more than 100 network marketing companies in India and picking up the best company is not an easy task.

Top 10 network marketing companies in India

However, you should consider all the factors like how long the company is being in the industry, its credibility, overall revenue generation of the company, and most other factors.

Making a wrong choice in the selection of a company is crucial in order to save money and time. It might be hard for you to choose a legit company if you are not aware of working with these companies.

People sometimes refer to Network marketing as Multi-level marketing and this is sometimes true considering its working scheme.

These Multi-level marketing or Network marketing companies are creating an opportunity to make money without the requirement of any educational qualifications or degree.

If you are a student and looking to make money in India, then a legit network marketing company can be helpful to make some passive income for your expenses.

There are thousands of Direct selling companies in India that are registered and working legitimately.

It is important for you to choose the best Network marketing company among thousands of companies in India.

Differentiating between a Ponzi scheme and a legit Network marketing company in India is very important.

Check out this article on working of Multi-level marketing company/pyramid scheme, If you are unaware about it’s working.

There are various categories like Health care products, Fitness and well-being, Beauty, skincare with which these Network marketing companies are working within India.

Although, if there is no Involvement of a legit product, and If the company is circulating money without any genuine product, then you should always stay away from these companies as this is illegal in India.

This is the reason you should be made thorough research before joining a network marketing company in India.

When compared to other countries, Network marketing is on rising in India, and the reason for this is, Direct selling of products is allowed in India.

However, the Involvement of a Network or chain system is not allowed in India and its legality depends as long as the company complies with government guidelines.

You can check out this press release by the Reserve bank of India that describes these schemes.

Many people in India are using Network marketing as a source of income as this will help them with financial support and freedom.

Whether you are a student studying in a college or a person with a job, anyone can join and these multi-level companies and start promoting their products.

There is no such criteria required in order to join these programs. However, if you are someone who likes to meet new people, then your skill of meeting new people and interacting will surely help you to generate more leads.

There are various network marketing companies that use chain system/pyramid schemes, and these companies are something you should stay away from.

The way you pitch people is key in the business of network marketing to generate leads and sales. If you are master these skills you can be successful in this business.

If you are familiar with sales skills, then you can stand out from your competitors in the same business.

The way you target and pitch people is something you should learn and master while working with these multi-level marketing or Network marketing companies.

However, there are various pros and cons while working with MLM companies in India. It depends on you if you are willing to join and work with these companies.

Out-reaching new people and promoting the products is something you master to grow in this business.

It is obvious that, In India, people join MLM or Network marketing companies to make money and to be financially supported.

The good thing about these companies is that you can work anytime you wish to, irrespective of a specific schedule.

You can join Network marketing companies in India even if you are working in a 9 to 5 job. However, I don’t recommend Multi-level marketing to be your full-time job or to be your active source of income.

Don’t join these businesses with a mindset of making this an active source of income, keep these earnings as a secondary way of income or passive income.

Making money can be a hurdle if you are unaware of methods to make money online. There are various ways to make money and making money with Network Marketing or MLM companies in India is also one of them.

The way you execute, generate new leads, and make new sales is key with network marketing.

Things you should look for in a Network marketing company in India

India is a huge country with a large population and this is the reason for the high unemployment rate in India. With this in mind, people are trying hard to make money and looking for jobs.

While choosing the Top 10 network marketing companies in India there are some of the factors you should analyze before you join any company.

It is crucial to know all the important factors you should look for in an MLM company and In this section, you will learn how to choose an MLM/ Network marketing company?

This is where Network marketing companies come into the picture. These MLM companies are trying to fill this gap providing people a way to make money within India.

People are establishing new Multi-level marketing or Network marketing companies selling products directly to customers without the involvement of third-party distributers that will help these companies reduce costs.

There are various factors you should consider before joining any Network Marketing or MLM company.

In this section, I will elaborate on all the factors you should consider before joining any Multi-level marketing or Network marketing company.

This is important because most of them are willing to spend their hard-earned money and it should be worth the money they spend.

The First thing you should look for in a Network Marketing company is

Type of Product

The type of product is something you should think about while choosing an MLM or a network marketing company.

The factor type of product is one of the factors you should consider in the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

Is the Product a Digital product or a physical product? If you are promoting a Digital product or course, then you may have to try them yourself in order to get a better understanding of the product.

type of product

It is important to know about the product before you recommend it to others. This is crucial because it will help you to promote the product in a more efficient way.

In the case of physical products, you can do thorough research about the product to get better about the product.

Choose a product that works like a solution for a problem. Often, such products convert well because if you target the right audience then it’s not that hard to promote.

Product Reviews

product reviews

Before you promote any products it is essential to check out their reviews and user experience. You never know the product quality without using it and this is the reason you should take reviews from people who have actually used it.

Factor Product reviews are one of the factors you should consider in the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

Product reviews are something most people rely on before purchasing a product including myself. User reviews and experience are important in the case of physical or digital products.

Reviews will help people make better decisions while purchasing a product. If a product you are willing to promote has great reviews, then you may want to shortlist this product to promote.

Most E-commerce companies ask you to write a review about the product in order to help the next set of people to make better choice among various similar products.

You can find reviews on the Internet or on websites like Quora for legit reviews. Quora is a QnA site and people post their experiences and opinion about the product.

Market trends

product trend

Research about the trend of the product and this can be done with Google trends that will help you get a better understanding of ongoing trends. You can even research about the company on google trends.

The factor market trend is one of the factors you should consider in the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

This will help you make better decisions before joining any network marketing company in India.

Google trends will help you understand the number of people that are searching and discussing the company on Google search Engine.

The more searches the better credibility of the company. Although, these data are going to help you choose the best network marketing company in India.

How long is the company in Business

how long the company is in business

This is one of the factors you should consider before choosing a Network marketing company.

The longer the duration, the better. If the company is functioning for a longer period of time, then it could be a trust signal. This factor is one of the factors you should consider in the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

Companies that are functioning for a longer period of time have a better understanding of the business and products respectively.

More experienced people within the company will help you guide and train in order to promote the product in a more effective way.

Reputation of company

company reputation

People trust and buy products from reputed companies without much background research. The factor reputation of the product is one of the factors you should consider in the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

This is because they trust this company due to its wide reputation in the market compared to their competitors.

Product reputation is also important before choosing a Network marketing company. People purchase products from reputed companies because these companies are have built their trust and reputation over years.

If the company is reputed then you might need not to explain about the product as the company that produces is already a reputed company.

Working Experience of people

work experience


You can ask someone who is already working in the company to provide his work experience being in the company.

People who are have been working have a better understanding of the pros and cons of the company and this will help you make better choices.

People who are working in the company can help you explain the hurdles that you might face in the near future if you are willing to join.

Net-worth of the company

net worth of company

This metric can help you make better understand the company. Net-worth of a company can help you with providing an estimated value of the company.

The more the value, the popular the company is.

You can also analyze the potential the company has by analyzing its sales and revenue generation.

The interest of yours’

This is the most important factor among all of these because it’s you who is going to invest money and is promoting a product.

Without your interest, it’s always a No-No!

Join these Multi-level marketing companies only if you are willing to put all your efforts with dedication and Interest.

If you are going to invest your money in this business, then you must have a goal to make more money out of it.

People often invest money in Network marketing companies and make no money out of it. However, this case depends upon various factors including the interest and efforts of the person.

Top 10 Network marketing companies in India


The first company among the top 10 network marketing companies in India that I recommend is Amway.

Choosing the right network marketing company in India is very important and this depends upon various factors and your interest.

Amway mlm company

Amway is an American-based company that mainly sells products related to makeup, bath, and beauty products.

This MLM company is also known as a direct selling company is based in Ada, Michigan, the USA that mainly sells products to improve and aid lifestyle.

The estimated revenue generated by Amway is $8.4B as of 2019. This multi-level marketing company manufactures and sells health, beauty, and health care products.

Most people in India are not aware of the working of Amway. However, the Federal Trade Commission has examined Amway since people have alleged this as a pyramid scheme. Although, Amway has never been found guilty by FTC.

This is the reason, why I recommend this company to others, and listing this company as number one in the list.

Amway sells products related to Household cleaners, health and beauty, skincare, health supplements, and some the products like energy drinks and snacks.

As of now, most people are joining this Direct selling company in India as of 2021. Amway is working with more than 100 countries and territories. This Direct selling has over 16,000 employees working within this company.

You can check out the official website of Amway.

This Multi-level marketing company is quite popular in India due to its Direct selling method. However, if the company performs any Pyramid schemes or is found to be using the money circulation method, then this is a violation of law under the prize chits and money circulation scheme (Banning) Act in India.

It’s legal as long as the company uses the Direct selling method in India. If you like promoting products that are manufactured by Amway, then you can join this MLM company and start promoting their products.

It’s you who is going to promote, and this is the reason it is important to take the right decision. If you are fascinated with the product then, you can promote it in a more effective manner and make more sales.

The next company among the top 10 network marketing companies in India is


Vestige is another company that comes in the list of top 10 Direct selling companies in India.

vestige mlm company

This company was found in the year 2004 and mainly produces wellness products. However, there are hundreds of other direct selling companies in India that are continuously trying hard to acquire the top position.

When it comes to the company’s growth in the market, Vestige claims that they are growing in a phenomenal rate.

However, if this Direct selling company is growing quickly, then It must be producing High-quality products.

It is obvious that people purchase products from companies only if they are worth the money they are willing to spend.

If a person who purchases a product is not satisfied with a product then he would never purchase any product with the company.

The company is on the raise because they are balanced with the right marketing plan and the management that made them sustain with their Direct selling company.

Vestige is producing innovative products to expand its business. However, you can check out their official website at to better understand the products they are producing.

You can promote products related to Ayurveda, Business tools, personal care, and Health food.

If these categories of products are something you are fascinated about, then you can promote them, and your interest in the product will help you generate more leads.

The CEO of the vestige company is Gautam Bali, However, He started Vestige company in the year 2004 with Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh and with Mr. Deepak Sood.

There are around 250 products that are available for you to promote. There are products related to Agriculture, oral care, and Home Hygiene as well.

The third company in the list of top 10 MLM companies is


oriflame multi-level marketing company

Oriflame is another Direct selling company that manufactures Beauty and personal care products. The company targets mostly women and the reason is quite simple, women use beauty and cosmetic products.

The reason why Oriflame is 3rd company in the list of top 10 Network marketing companies in India is, the company is in this business for more than 50 years and over the years, the company is successful in building trust with its audience.

Oriflame is a Multi-level marketing company that was founded during the period 1967 by brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick, and Bengt Hellsten.

Switzerland is the place where the Head office of Oriflame is located. However, there is a registered office in Sweden.

There are over 6,000 employees working in Oriflame and the company has around 1000 varieties of products with a turnover of 1.3 billion Euros.

The Multi-level marketing or Direct selling company Oriflame is functioning for quite a long time.

Marketing and lead generation is very important for every company to expand and surprisingly, 96% of sales were made online in 2019 and 55% of them were done through mobile devices.

Oriflame is operating in more than 60 countries and people love their beauty products making them successful in their business.

Even in India, Oriflame products are available both in stores and on e-commerce websites. If you are someone who is passionate about Beauty products and cosmetics, then Oriflame MLM company is something you can short-list.

Usually, women are more into Beauty and cosmetics and they know about beauty and skincare more than men. However, you can try working with Oriflame MLM or a Direct selling company in India.

I have considered most of the factors and shortlisted Oriflame as the 3rd Network marketing company in this Best Top 10 Network marketing or direct selling company in India.

You can target women in the age range of 16-35 for better conversions and sales generation.

If you are someone who is interested in lifestyle and beauty, then Oriflame is the company you can consider. The reason why I consider listing Oriflame in the Top 10 network marketing companies in India is due to its credibility.

The next company on this list is


herbalife mlm company in india

As the name suggests, the company Herbalife manufactures nutritious products that are mainly made by using Ayurvedic plants.

There are about 8000 employees working in Herbalife. This company was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Herbalife operates in 94 countries through a network of promoters and distributors.

The company makes nutrition products including weight-loss and protein shakes, as well as protein bars, teas, sports drinks, and products that provide vitamins.

There are people who like working out in a gym and such people are more concerned about fitness and body. Most people take protein shakes on daily basis and these are the people you should be targeting in order to generate more sales and leads.

Herbal life is a multi-level marketing company or a direct selling company that is available in India. As per the Los Angeles business journal, it was considered to be one of the most profitable companies in LA and was benefitted from its marketing and business model.

This company is growing in India and most people in India use the products that are manufactured by Herbalife.

You will get a fixed commission for every successful sale you make for the company. However, if you join this program, you will get at least 25% off on all the products of Herbalife.

You can buy products for a discounted price and sell them at higher prices keeping the profit. This is one of the companies that is growing at a faster rate among the network marketing companies in India.

The company is found to be manufacturing products like cosmetics, food, products related to personal care, wellness. The headquarters of Herbalife is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

If you are a fitness trainer or someone who is passionate about health and fitness, then you should surely check out this company.

However, just like most other companies, Herbalife will ask you to buy their kit that contains daily use products before you start promoting their products as an associate or affiliate.

If you are interested in these categories of products, then you can join this Direct selling company and generate some revenue.

The next company I recommend in the top 10 network marketing companies in India is

Forever Living

 forever living network marketing company

Forever living is another Multi-level marketing company that was established in 1978 and the founder of this MLM company is Rex Maughan.

The headquarters of Forever living Products International is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. Forever living company produces products that are made using Aloe vera as the main ingredient.

The company also manufactures and sells Dietary supplements, and personal care products in India.

Although, Forever living is an American Multi-level marketing company that has expanded its business across many countries including India.

Forever resorts, Aloe vera of America, Forever Aloe Plantations, Forever Nutraceutical are some of the subsidiaries of Forever living products International.

As per the records, there were 4100 employees working in Forever living International in 2006. Although, this was in 2006 and by now the employees are surely more in numbers.

There are so many promoters of Forever living in India and are successful in generating some good profits. Aloe vera has great medicinal advantages and is mostly used in cosmetics, beauty products and even to treat some skin problems.

This is the reason most people prefer Aloe vera-based products due to their enormous health and skin benefits. Even in most ointments that are used to treat skin problems, Aloe vera is used as a base material.

The products manufactured by Forever living are good and people like using them. However, it totally depends on person to person, Some may like it and some may not. Everyone has their own perspective and experience.

The reason why Forever living International company is on the list is that this company is well established and has more than 30 years of experience.

In fact, it is found to be successful in building trust with their customers providing an opportunity to make some profit to people by joining their Multi-level marketing business.

And the next Direct selling company among the Top 10 companies in India is

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd

mi lifestyle

Mi lifestyle marketing is a direct selling company that is growing at a faster rate in India and is trying to acquire the top positions among MLM companies in India.

As the name suggests, Mi lifestyle marketing offers a good range of Lifestyle products to their customers without any distributer.

This company is based in India and was established in the year 2013. However, it is quite popular in India due to its marketing strategy and plan.

The company has a net worth of more than 1500+ crores and Mi lifestyle marketing company is successful in achieving this value in a short period of time.

There are more than 200 products that are manufactured and sold to their customers. They are helping people improve their lifestyles by providing great and innovative products to their audience.

Mi lifestyle marketing has tied up with many other brands in the market to grow their business and the visibility of their company. They also promote other brands with their audience by offering them discount coupons.

People who are looking for a way to make some passive income can join this company and start promoting their products.

But, it is also important to make sure that this requires patience and consistency in order to generate sales and leads. Without proper efforts, it is not possible to make sales and this is the reason you should join this company only if you are interested to work with their products.

Don’t waste your time and money on something you are not passionate about, this will eventually not work if you show no interest in something you are doing.

You can join Mi lifestyle marketing as this company provides many benefits to their registered distributors if they introduce new customers into their network.

You will be gain monetary benefits by selling their products but also entitled to various other bonuses, royalty, ranks, and bonuses based on performance.

You can join Mi lifestyle marketing MLM or a Direct selling company if you are passionate about lifestyle products.

I have listed this company in the top 10 MLM companies in India because this company is quite successful considering all the overall factors.

The next company that comes in Top network marketing in India currently is



Modicare was founded by Samir Modi with their relatives. Samir Modi reinvented the concept of freedom and came with few innovative ideas.

Samir Modi was an alumnus from Harvard business school in the United States. He reached out to few direct selling companies abroad to better understand their market and to learn their marketing.

However, India is a large country with a lot of population and youngsters are the ones who can make India Economically independent. This was the main reason Samir Modi started Modicare, in order to manufacture products in India rather than importing them from other countries.

With time, the company started growing at a faster rate expanding their business. Modicare is a Direct selling company that is part of Modi Enterprises.

This company provides an earning opportunity for people irrespective of any qualification. There are lots of products with various categories that you are allowed to sell.

Categories like wellness, skincare, color, personal care, home care, and many other subcategories. The company is making innovative products that can ease a perfect lifestyle with their products.

You can promote products from different categories and promote them to your targeted audience.

There are mainly three ways you can earn money with Modicare

  1. Retail margins – on the products you sell
  2. Monthly Bonus – This is provided based on your performance
  3. Growth Incentive

You can purchase products from the company at a discounted price of 20-25% and offer them to the needful with an earning 25% benefit. However, the company provides bonuses if you perform well in the generation of sales.

There are more than 200 products in various categories that you can promote and make some sales.

If you are interested in promoting the products in these categories, then you can promote them and make some profit.

The next company that comes in the list of top direct selling companies in India is

Avon Products

avon products

Avon products is another product that comes in the list of top 10 direct selling companies that comes in the top 10 list of India. This company usually deals with the selling of Beauty and cosmetics products.

The company Avon products come after Amway in Direct selling companies. In 2019, the annual sales of Avon products is $5.57 billion worldwide.

When it comes to the rank in the listing of Beauty companies, Avon products stands 14th in the list with around 6.4 million representatives. The CEO of Avon Product is Angela Cretu.

If you are a woman, then you can consider this company and promote their beauty products. Teenagers use beauty products in most scenarios and you can target students in the age range of 15-35.

The power of beauty can not be underestimated. It’s, for many it is key to building confidence, self-belief, and being the best version of yourself. Beauty is about expressing your individuality, making your own rules, and living life on your own terms.

There are no standards to follow, you choose what’s beautiful. That’s why we work hard to ensure that you have access to a range of products that suit every choice of beauty.

The company claims to be, passionate about keeping you at the forefront of beauty, creating products that embrace the hottest trends and cutting-edge technology, alongside everyday essentials that will be the staples of your beauty kit.

The company invites people to join their company to their manufacturing or distribution centers across the globe.

The company is functioning for more than 135 years creating innovative products for women. They have a training platform for women in order to improve their skills and help them grow their beauty business.

However, you can earn money and enhance your knowledge when it comes to beauty and care. Overall, this company is growing and comes among the top 10 network marketing companies in India.

The next MLM company is

Safe Shop

safe shop

The safe shop is based in India and this is one of the fastest-growing companies in India. This is a direct selling company that makes products in various categories like lifestyle, sports, Men-suits, kitchen, Education, Bath sets, Kitchen, Bags, sarees, and many other categories.

India has a population of over a billion and the employment rate is not that great in India due to its population. Due to this reason, most people are joining these Direct selling companies and are making some passive income.

Here is the official website you can visit that is a portal hosted by safe & secure online marketing Pvt. Ltd. They also provide a quality education that will help their promoters learn and master their skills.

By promoting their products and services you will be entitled to commission and will help you earn some commission. However, the company collaborates with many other top international and Indian brands manufacturing innovative products.

The company provides you an opportunity to learn and then earn with the same strategy. There are a variety of products offered by the company for you to promote.

The Head office of Safe shop is located in New Delhi and the servers of this company are US-based to provide a High-speed experience to their customers.

The company was founded in the year 2000 and within a decade has grown to become a leading product India No. 1 Direct selling company in India.

Overall, the company is good to promote and make some revenue.

The next MLM company that comes in the list is

DXN India

DXN india

DXN is another Network marketing or Multi-level marketing company that was founded by Lim Siow. However, the company provides various opportunities for everyone to start a business at a lower cost and low risk.

Most people in India are looking for earning opportunities that will provide them financial support. There are people who are not educated enough to get a job.

However, the company doesn’t require any qualifications to join their program and this is great news for people who are not educated.

There are lots of MLM or Direct selling companies that sell products in various categories and these companies indeed provide an opportunity to earn money irrespective of qualification.

However, if you are good at communication, then this is a great skill you can implement and use to generate sales. The company DXN was named after the discovery of Lingzhi.

The company DXN mainly manufactures products related to Healthcare supplements, Skincare, Personal care, Food and beverages products. You will need to register on the DXN website in order to join their MLM program.

Like most companies, DXN provides bonuses based on your sales and performance. The company is quite big and is operating in most countries including India. There are about 8 million distributors that are registered and are working with DXN MLM company.

If you are into promoting products of DXN company, then It is necessary to check out their products before you recommend them to others.

To sum up

The above mentioned are some of the top 10 network marketing companies in India that are operational for years. If you are interested to join these companies, you can visit their official website and do background research.

However, It is important for you to not fall for any companies that work as a pyramid scheme. If it is a genuine Direct selling company, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you to join.

Remember not to fall for schemes that promise you to make rich quickly, these types of schemes are mostly fake. Use these free network marketing leads methods to generate sales.

Multi-level marketing is growing in India and there are many distributors in India that are successfully promoting products and earning a commission. However, there are various tools available to generate some free network marketing leads.

Join MLM companies only if you are interested in it and make sure you are passionate about what you are doing and this is most important.

What do you think of these MLM companies? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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