11 Network Marketing Tools and Techniques you need to know Now!

Most people are unaware of network marketing tools and techniques, and this is the reason, most network marketing businesses tend to fail.

However, with proper usage of tools, generating leads can be quite easy with much fewer efforts. Generating leads by making use of the tools is by far the most efficient way to make sales in the network marketing business.

There are various types of tools available online and choosing the best tool among many is a challenging task.

network marketing tools

Network marketing tools can make your work more simple and convenient. Making use of tools to generate free network marketing leads will make your work much faster.

Utilizing these tools can be beneficial to grow your network marketing business. It is important to make a strategy and stick with it.

The key to generate leads and grow your network marketing business is to do it in the right way. There are successful network marketers that make some good income with fewer efforts and this is called smart work.

Making use of tools in the right manner can help you attract your target audience. Building a relationship with your audience is the first thing you should focus on.

These MLM recruiting tools help you build a strong and sustainable business. People working with top network marketing companies use tools to generate sales for their business.

Promoting and recommending your products to your customers via emails newsletters can convert very easily.

Network Marketing Tools

Social media scheduling for network marketing

network marketing tools- social media scheduling

Generating leads and growing your business by using social media can be beneficial for your business.

There are millions of people that are active on social media every day and this is the reason social media can be very helpful to drive some free traffic to your landing page.

In order to grow your social media account, a social media scheduling tool can be very helpful to keep your users with the most informative update.

Social media tools can help you grow your social media account with lesser effort due to their amazing features.

Posting content on social media can be tough if you are with a tight schedule and this is where social media scheduling tools. Effective management can be done by using these social media managing tools.

Social media scheduling tools will help you organize and plan your content much in advance. Staying active on social media is very important to grow your account.

It’s not always possible to post content on time and this is where these tools make it much easier by automating the process.

Scheduling posts can be done with many enhancements like the setting of the date, time, adding or removing captions, setting up of posts, and much more.

Tools often have a calendar available that will help you schedule your post without confusion. Once the post gets published you will get notified via email or notification in case you are using an app.

In addition, they also offer analytics that shows complete statistics about the content performance of your social media account.

These analytics will help you better understand what works and what not and by using these data you can plan your content accordingly.

Hashtags are quite very common on social media account that helps you gain some more exposure to your social media content. However, picking up the right hashtags is very important to increase the visibility of your content.

Using these Network marketing tools can make your process simpler. Implement these network marketing tools and techniques to generate some leads.

Email marketing

In order to grow your network marketing business, pitching your audience using email is an effective way to generate leads. Most people don’t use email marketing in their business and tend to struggle to make sales.

network marketing tools- email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful strategy to generate leads for your network marketing business. Email marketing has a very high rate of ROI as compared to other methods.

It is important to learn email marketing before you start your first campaign. collecting emails and running email marketing campaigns is a great way to generate leads for your business.

Using email marketing, you can also drive traffic to your website and earn via advertisements. However, there are different types of email marketing.

Using these Network marketing tools can make your process simpler. Implement these network marketing tools and techniques to generate some leads.

These are some of the email marketing techniques

Emails can be sent to your audience to promote your products or to pass information about your article as a newsletter.

Promotional email

These types of emails are mostly scripted to promote a product or a service. These emails have a direct Call-to-action to pitch the audience.

Inserting links within your email body to your landing page can help you drive traffic to your sales page.

These emails are written to convince your audience to take action by clicking the link given within your email body to your promotional page.

Here is an example of a promotional email

Dear sir,

You are one of our valuable customers, and we are glad to inform you about our new launch. Our new range of tablets are cost efficient as well as are best regarding quality.

We have introduced these new tablets last month and are getting a positive response for it in the market. In addition to it, we are also providing a discount of 30% on the market value of the product.

You are one of our old customers, and we will offer you properly after sales support.

We are looking forward to a positive deal.


Promotional emails can be used when you have a new product to sell. This is an effective way to generate leads.

Informational Emails

As the name suggests, these emails are scripted to provide value and information to your customer. These emails can be used to build relationships with your customers.

They also help you to increase brand awareness about your product. Using these emails can be very helpful to grow your business.


A newsletter is a type of email that can be used to share the news if you have published a new blog post or news related to your business.

These types of emails can be scheduled twice a week depending upon your convenience. However, you can use these types of emails to pass information to your audience.

Sending Newsletters is a great way to build and grow your network marketing business. Sharing some interesting information with your audience will help you drive their attention.


These emails are sent when you have a new feature about your products or service. They can be used to let your audience know about the new feature of your website or a change in service.

Important information can be sent to your audience via emails. When used properly, email marketing is a very effective way that can be used in your business.

Using Emails in Network marketing tools can be used to automate the process. Implement these network marketing tools and techniques to generate some leads.

Graphics Designing tools for network marketing

network marketing tools- graphics design


Canva is a free online graphic designing tool that helps you design graphics for your business, Using pictures and videos is a great way to drive the attention of your audience.

Creating Informative infographics will help you drive more traffic to your landing page. Engaging with your customers is very important to build a relationship with your audience.

Creating graphics is a great way to grow your business on social media. If you make YouTube videos for your business, then creating thumbnails can be done on canva.

If you are someone who writes blogs about your business, then this tool can help you create attractive and high-quality images with a built-in template.

Creating images for your blog post and featured images can be helpful in optimizing your article for search engines.

Designing posters, banners, ebook covers, and many other graphics can be done on canva.

Access this tool from this link.

Adobe spark

Just like canva, Adobe spark is a free graphic designing tool that can be accessed from the Adobe website.

Adobe has made an app for android and IOS that will make your design easily right on your mobile phone.

Designing graphics on software like Adobe illustrator can be very confusing due to its complexity. Hence, these simple web tools can be used without much knowledge.


Piktochart can be very helpful to create Infographics, presentations, and to create reports. Creating social media graphics is quite easy using this amazing tool.

Creating visual content from text with templates is a good way to create graphics.

Using these Network marketing tools can make your Designing flawless and attractive.

Video conferencing tools for Network marketing

network marketing tools- video conference

Communicating with your target audience is very important when it comes to pitching your audience.

Approaching your audience with a nice presentation that helps them better understand your business can be done via virtual video conferencing.

There are various free video conferencing tools that can be used to organize these webinars.

One-to-one interaction can be done via video conference with your target customers. Interacting with your customers is an effective way to generate and make sales.

Real-time training and product presentation help your customers understand your products better.

Google Meet

Google meet can be used to create meetings with your audience. This tool by google offers various features including screen recording.

Video quality in google meet is great when compared to other tools. Features like screen sharing, adding captions, changing background via hardware, and other features.

Both the audio and video quality are great in google meet. Organizing a presentation is really easy with google meet.

Microsoft meeting

This is another video conferencing tool by Microsoft that helps to organize video meetings. Similar to Google meet, Microsoft offers great features that will help you provide some better presentations to attract your customers.

Video meetings can be very effective when done right! Most businesses conduct webinars to pitch their target audience. Sharing the screen can be done with Microsoft meetings.

Make use of these tools and generate leads for your network marketing business.

Zoom meeting

This is another video conferencing app that helps you conduct meetings offering similar features to google meet and Microsoft meetings.

However, zoom meetings are not preferred due to their privacy issues.

Email Autoresponders for Network marketing

network marketing tools- Email marketing

Responding to emails sent by your target audience manually is a hard task. This is where email responders can be used to make email marketing more effective.

Responding to emails is important to ensure you reply to them as soon as possible. Organizing and keeping your emails in place is necessary to make sure you are not missing out on anyone.

Sending an automated email is a great way to be in touch with your customers with pre-defined triggers.

Email autoresponders can be used to send notices and announcements to your email list. The tool autoresponder will automate the process of email marketing and drives traffic to your page keeping your customers engaged.

Using these Network marketing tools can make your process simpler. Implement these network marketing tools and techniques to generate some leads.

Event scheduling tools for Network marketing

network marketing tools- Event scheduling

Events are great to find some free network marketing leads for your business. Organizing events will help you meet more people and promote your business effectively.

Brand awareness is very important to grow your business and most people aren’t aware of these events.

Websites like meetup.com, help you to organize events for your business. People would love to join your events if you are providing them valuable content via presentations.

Participating in similar events will help you find and pitch people for your business. Spreading awareness about your scheduled event to invite interested people can be done via social media and email marketing.

Schedule events in a populated area to pitch your target audience.

These are some of the popular tools in event scheduling and management

Video Marketing tools for network marketing

network marketing tools- Video marketing

Videos work very effectively as compared to images. YouTube is a great platform that can be used to grow your business.

Making videos about your business helps you to grow your audience. Building an email list via YouTube is possible and takes much less effort as compared to blogging.

However, there are various tools that can be used to market your videos.


This platform can be used to host your videos just like YouTube. Often, if you embed YouTube videos into your blogs, ads might annoy users and this is the reason you can host your videos on Wistia.

Hosting videos on this platform works great for bloggers.


Vidyard is a platform that offers video creation, video hosting, analytics, video presentation.

You can utilize these features of Vidyard that will help you create attractive videos.

Using these Network marketing tools can make your process simpler.

Lead Generation Tools

network marketing tools- lead generation

Creating responsive and attractive landing pages for your website is a must to collect emails from your visitors.

However, these tools are very helpful to build some of the amazing landing pages with drag and drop features.

Inbuilt templates help you to get an idea about the landing page you should be designing. Building a mobile responsive page can be hard if you have never heard about HTML, Javascript, PHP, or CSS.

Although, with lead generation and landing page tools you can use design an attractive landing page without coding yourself.

Lead generation tools for network marketing

Data Analytics

network marketing tools- Data analytics

If you are running a website, then collecting analytics data is very important to understand your performance on search engines.

Analyzing your performance based on different metrics helps you to analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Visitors come from different places, different devices like mobile, desktop, or tablets, and different browsers like chrome or safari and etc.

These tools will help you track and record your website analytics. The more visitors, the more emails you can build for your business.

Analytics tools for network marketing

Digital data storage for Network marketing

network marketing tools-data storage

Storing data places like dropbox, google drives, mega storage is always better as compared to storing them in your hard drives.

You can access this data from anywhere in the world without your personal computer. Keeping your laptop with you all the time may not be possible and this is the reason Cloud storage comes in very handy.

Data storage tools

Advertising tools for Network marketing

To generate leads, advertising and running campaigns are necessary and can’t be ignored. However, advertising and promoting your products using ads is a quick strategy to generate sales.

Targeting the right audience is the key in Advertisement to save your money on ads. The more targeted audience you have the more conversions and lesser the money you will be spending on ads.

There are various platforms like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are millions of active users on these platforms and you can target this audience by running ads.

There are various Ad managing platforms that eliminate the hard process of managing the campaigns.

Creating ad campaigns and automating the process can be achieved by using these tools. Using these Network marketing tools can make your process simpler.

Online advertising tools for network marketing

SEO tools for network marketing

network marketing tools-SEO

Search engine optimizing can help your website rank on search engines to drive traffic. Collecting Emails can be done via organic traffic from search engines.

Using powerful SEO tools will help you with keyword research, search volume, keyword difficulty, track your organic traffic, keywords you rank for, and many other data.

Tracking backlinks and their data can also be done via these tools. Analyzing your competitor’s website data can be accessed with these tools.

So, what are the best SEO tools that can be used for network marketing?

To wrap up

Network marketing is a great way to make passive income. However, this depends on how effectively you promote your products.

In order to promote your products efficiently, utilizing different tools is essential to make your workflow smooth.

These MLM recruiting tools help you build a strong and sustainable business that will help you grow.

The above-mentioned Network marketing tools, help you to generate leads with high ROI. Although, when used properly, you can generate high-quality leads to your network marketing business.

Implement these network marketing tools and techniques to generate some leads.

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