How to make Acid rain in Little Alchemy [2021]

In this article, you will learn how to make acid rain in little alchemy.

There are around 580 elements that are to be discovered in Little alchemy and Acid rain is one among them.

But don’t worry, I have got this covered for you. Making acid rain is quite a bit tricky in little alchemy.

Little alchemy is a quite a fun game for someone who loves science and experiments.

How to make acid rain in little alchemy

There are about two ways with which you can create acid rain. But, in-order to make acid rain in little alchemy, you will need few other elements.

Here a video version to make Acid rain in Little alchemy.

How to make Acid rain in little Alchemy?

There are mainly two ways to create Acid rain in little alchemy.

  • Rain + Smog = Acid rain
  • Rain + Smoke = Acid Rain

Here is a step by step guide to make Acid rain in Little Alchemy

In order to achieve Acid rain, we will require Rain and smog or we can create acid rain with combination of Rain and smoke.

If you don’t have smog, you can create smog by following these combinations.

  1. Fire + Water = Steam
  2. Air + Water = Rain
  3. Earth + water = Mud
  4. Air + Steam = Cloud
  5. Fire + Mud = Brick
  6. Cloud + Earth = Fog
  7. Brick + Brick = Wall
  8. Wall + Wall = House
  9. House + House = Village
  10. Village + Village = City
  11. City + Fog = Smog

Finally, this is the last combination you should perform to create Acid rain in Little Alchemy.

  • Rain + Smog = Acid Rain

In the above section you learned how to create acid rain by combining Rain and Smog. But, there is an another way to achieve Acid rain by the following combination.

  • Rain + Smoke =Acid Rain 

You already have Rain! Now, it’s time to create Smoke

Follow these steps to make Smoke

  1. Earth + Water = Mud
  2. Air + Water = Rain
  3. Earth + Fire = Lava
  4. Air + Fire = Energy
  5. Earth + Rain = Plant
  6. Air + Lava = Acid rain
  7. Fire + Acid rain = Metal
  8. Air + Acid rain = Sand
  9. mud + Plant = Swamp
  10. Fire + Sand = Glass
  11. Energy + Swamp = Life
  12. Earth + Life = Human
  13. Glass + Sand = Time
  14. Plant + Time = Tree
  15. Human + Metal = Tool
  16. Tool + Tree = Wood
  17. Fire + wood = Smoke

Now, you have created smoke successfully. It’s time to perform the 2nd type combination to create acid rain.

How to make Acid rain in little alchemy using smoke?

  • Rain + Smoke = Acid Rain

Now, we have successfully created Acid rain in alchemy using two different ways.

Some of the combinations in little alchemy are true for example Earth + Water = Mud. However, these are not logically true but with some exceptions.

Although, little alchemy is very fun to play if you like science. Experimenting new things is quite a fun job to do.

People often get bored playing action or adventure type of games and in my opinion little alchemy is a unique game with lots of fun involved.

Do you know what Acid rain actually is in real life?

When Sulfur dioxide with chemical formula SO2 and Nitrogen dioxide NOare mainly emitted in the atmosphere due to burning of fossil fuels, these chemicals are transported by wind and air in the atmosphere.

Whenever there is a rain fall, these gases them mix up with rain drops which in turn forms Acid rain.

Acid rain is harmful for aquatic life and other wildlife. It causes respiratory issues in aquatic animals, and other wild life creatures including human being.

It effects buildings that are built by stones and metals.  Acid rain is usually measured using a pH scale.

I hope you were able to create acid rain in little alchemy using these methods. If you got any queries, do let me know in the comment section below.

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