Hire Ebook writer- Best ebook ghostwriter [2020]

Writing an Ebook is quite hard and tough if, you are a beginner. It’s a great Idea to Hire someone who can write an ebook for you on your behalf.

In this article, I will guide you through how you can write or hire someone to write an Ebook for you, and you can get it published on Ebook or sell your ebook yourself on your Blogs or websites.

Internet is Huge with Billions of websites, blogs and articles posted each and every minute, If you are looking for something you can easily find them on the Internet.

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Researchers publish research papers they have gone through and this is something you can access, and gather information to write your ebook.

It is important to research before writing any Ebook. Hence, it is necessary to collect information before you start writing your Book.

ebook ghostwriter

There are professional writers available around the globe that can help you in writing books. You can Always hire an Ebook writer from popular websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Iwriter, and so on.

Outsourcing ebook writing with a ghostwriter is a great idea. I will help you hire the Best ebook writers, and help you to outsource your ebook writing.

So, First things first you should know

What is an Ebook?

In simple words, an Ebook is a digital format of a book that can be accessed easily on smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Ebooks usually consist of Images, Texts, or both and these are easily readable.

Ebooks are best if you are comparing them with printed books. You can carry thousands of ebooks on your smartphones without even dealing with carrying printed books.

You can also have a Text to speech bot read ebooks for you, and you can relax your eyes this way.

Hire Ebook writer

hire ebook writer

What you should look at in an ebook writer before hiring?

Previous works

You should ask him to show his previous works, and by doing this you can easily check his style of writing and approach.

The next step should be you can ask his areas of interest, and this is because if a person is interested in, for example, a person who loves Gaming;  He can write it much better when you compare it with a non-gamer.

Curiosity to learn and gather information is something a writer should have before writing an Ebook. This way he can give his best in writing an Ebook.

When you go through the previous works of an Ebook writer, you can analyze his level of writing yourself, This will help you hire the best Freelance Ebook writer you can.

Buyer’s Ratings

This is something you can look for before you hire ebook writer. It is obvious that if you are hiring a writer on a Freelance marketplace website. People, usually leave feedback when they get their work done with the writer.

You can check out the feedback given by the previous buyers. This way you can choose the best people to write an ebook for you.

People also share their opinions and recommendations in their feedback. You should surely check out them before hiring an ebook writing writer.

Check for plagiarism

Take this seriously Before buying or hiring a writer make sure he is not copying or stealing content from someone else’s work. This is very important because copying or stealing someone else’s work is illegal.

Let him know that, you will do a thorough plagiarism check before accepting the Work. This way he will make sure that he is writing a unique Ebook.

Few of the Freelancers copy and steal others’ work and will try to fool you, Hence, this is the reason you should be careful of.

You shouldn’t get in Legal trouble later, and this is why you should verify yourself before publishing your Ebook on online stores and book stores.

Check out What all he is Offering

Check out how much words of ebook he is going to write, The more the number of pages the more Amount of value it has.

Does he offer any revisions? If yes, then it’s great because you can always contact him if you feel there is something missing out with your order.

Check if your freelancer will proofread himself or not.

Check for usage Rights

Check what rights is he giving, this is important because you are hiring an ebook writer to write for you, but still, the work is his as he is writing it. Hence, it is important for you to sign up an NDA or any legal agreement before you hire him.

This is because you should ensure you have the right to resale and redistribution of the Ebook. Freelancers do provide you right to resale and redistribute the ebook, Just to be on the safer side, sign a legal agreement before you hire him.

Hire ebook writer- The Best ones

In this section, I will help you with choosing an ebook ghostwriter. I know it is quite complicated to pick up the best ebook writing services, and In this section, I will help you pick up the best freelancers from top reputed marketplaces.

There are so many people who work as Freelance ebook writers and they have some great experience when it comes to writing. I will list up the best places you can find an ebook ghostwriter.

Often, what happens is, students will get their degree in their Language and start looking for freelancing work as a writer, and these are the people you should be looking for.

The price of a ghostwriter varies widely with his specialization and experience, However, If you are with a low or on a tight budget you can still get some great writers at a very affordable price.

The price varies with the number of words you are looking for them to write, the more the number of words you want in your ebook the higher the prices.

However, the price charged by a ghostwriter is anywhere from $15 and above, Depends upon his experience and the quality of work he is providing.

It is a good idea to outsource ebook writing because people who write ebooks on regular basis are capable and good enough to come up with a High-quality Ebook.


Fiverr is a great market place if you are looking to hire ebook ghostwriter. Fiverr is a well-established and popular marketplace where you will find freelancers help you do your job on your behalf.

You can outsource your ebook writing to a freelancer by Clicking below

hire ebook ghostwriter

I have personal experience working on Fiverr as a freelancer myself, and I must say Fiverr is a great place to hire or outsource ebook writing who can ghostwrite for you.

There are lots of people who provide ebook writing services, and they do this job on a regular basis, Hence, they know their job very well and you shouldn’t be worrying at all.

Fiverr also has a Pro service in which Freelancers are hand-vetted with their skills and tests by the Fiverr staff itself, and these Fiverr pro sellers are experts in their job.

Fiverr pro sellers are a bit expensive when compared to Normal freelance sellers as they provide high-quality work to their clients.

You can checkout Fiverr Pro sellers and hire them to write your ebook by clicking on the banner below.

hire ebook writer


Upwork is an American based freelancing platform which is similar to Fiverr. It has over 12 million registered freelancers and over 5 million registered clients who are working together.

It allows Buyers to interview and then hire the freelancers they wish to work with. The client is supposed to post a description of their job and then they are supposed to choose their price range they are going to pay for the complete job.

There is an option to Invite a freelancer if the client likes the portfolio of the freelancer and considering his previous works.

Once everything is done a contract is made with the price, the delivery time, and description of that job.

Buyers can also leave feedback when they get their jobs done, and doing this will help other buyers to pick up the best freelancers among the platform. It also has a search engine to find relevant freelancers for your job.

You can Check out Upwork at their official website Upwork


ebook ghostwriter

Freelancer is another marketplace where you can get your work done. It is an Australian crowdsourcing marketplace website, that mainly allows clients to post their and freelancers are allowed to bid on these projects.

It is a great site where you can hire ebook writer who can ghostwrite on your behalf. Outsourcing ebook writers are not at all a hard task, there are so many Marketplaces available on the internet.

And these freelancers are very good at their job. These Freelance ebook writers on Fiverr even do the job starting from $5 only and trust me this is very cheap for the work you are hiring them.

Freelancer is available across 247 different countries, you can hire a person no matter where he is from and get your job done.

You can access Freelancer by clicking Here.


This is another website where you can outsource writers to get your job done. Freelance ebook writers on this website charge less than 5 Euros, and I even have personal experience working as a Freelancer on this website.

It is great to get your job done on the Go.

There are so many freelance ebook writers looking for work here, and you can always outsource ebook writing anytime you want on Fivesquid

Click here to Check out Fivesquid.

Here is How you can write an ebook yourself

Choosing a topic

This is the first thing you should be doing is write a list of topics in which your audience is fond of.

Decide the purpose of your ebook: Some people write ebooks to generate leads and some people write because they like it as a hobby. What is the purpose of the ebook you are going to write?

Once you have come up with your purpose and Ideas you should start gathering information and content for your ebook.

Note: You shouldn’t deviate from the topic while writing an ebook stick with relevant content only.

For example, if you are writing an Ebook about Fishing your content should be related to selecting fishing rods and reels. Step by step guide on “How can someone catch fish” as a beginner and so on.

This is important because if you deviate from the topic readers will often get annoyed and will stop reading your ebook.

Pick a nice and cool attention-grabbing name for your book. You can also take help from your friends, blogs on the internet to learn how you can write an attractive name for your book.

Make a table of Content

The next step should be to make a table of content, and this will help you in outlining the content you are going to include in your ebook.

Focus on quality content rather than quantity. I have seen people writing lengthy elaborative content writing what’s not important. People like quality content Hence, you should include what’s important in your topic, and keep in mind to write them in a very simple language.

Even if a 10-year-old boy is trying to read your ebook, he should be able to understand what your ebook is all about. Your motto is to educate your reader with your content.

Start Collecting Information

Now you have the outline of what you are going to write about its time to collect and gather as much information you can relate to your topic.

Websites or search engines like Google Scholar, various other international journal publication sites will help you collect research papers. With this information, you should be writing your ebook taking them as a reference.

You can visit your nearest library to Find books, and then collect relevant information for your Ebook.

Start Writing

This should be your next step, and when you are writing be precise and clear with your topic. Using a very simple language while writing an ebook is something you should be following.

Structure your Ebook properly, pick up a font size that is easy to read, and include relevant images wherever necessary.

Once you are done writing proof-read your ebook yourself or outsource it to a proofreader. Write a very clean Book description which is crisp clear about the topic you are talking about within the Ebook.


You can either publish your ebook with Amazon kindle publication or you can promote your Ebook on your websites or blogs. However, If you are purpose is to generate leads via ebooks that are fine too.

You can Gift people your ebooks upon signing up in your forms.

I hope I was able to explain about hiring an ebook ghostwriter or outsourcing an ebook writer.

Please feel free to drop your comments and share what do you think is the best way to write or outsource ebook writing.

You can always contact us for queries or suggestions.

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