How Free Network Marketing Leads Can Increase Your Profit!

There are various ways you can generate free network marketing leads organically without spending on advertisements. In this article, you will learn how to effectively find some organic free network marketing leads for the product that you are promoting.

Network marketing companies are growing and spreading their business in most countries including India. Although, generating leads is one of the toughest hurdles you will be facing in the network marketing business.

This is important because there is no profit without sales and most people fail in generating organic leads. However, there are various ways to get some free leads for your network marketing business.

Internet is huge with lots of people searching for queries on search engines throughout the day. People end up with lots of results on google when they search for a specific term.

You can Generate free network marketing leads using various techniques that will help you make your sales. Generating leads is the toughest hurdle a network marketing person is going to face.

For instance, I have seen most people spamming on Social media in order to find leads, and in my opinion, spamming is not going to work.

Leads that come from quality traffic are the most converting and this is the reason you should focus on generating leads organically. You can learn all the methods and tricks that will help you find leads for your network marketing business.

Working smart is always preferred over hard work. Think uniquely and this is something that will make you stand out from your competitors. If you are planning to take your Network marketing business to greater heights, then you should create a strategy and stick with it.

It’s not that hard to generate leads if you work smartly and utilize various methods to generate organic leads in the best possible way.

Most people start working with top network marketing companies and are not sure about lead generation. Generating free network marketing leads can be tough. However, you can generate MLM leads for free by using these effective methods given below.

Methods to Generate Free Network marketing leads

In this section, I will provide all the effective ways with a detailed explanation on How to generate free network marketing leads without any investment.

Generating leads using Advertisement is another way that works flawlessly if you target the right audience. However, if you just started out spending on Ads is not going to be the best decision.

Let us understand the best ways to generate leads for your network marketing business. If you are an affiliate with a Network marketing company, then you must have been provided with a product to promote.

So, how to generate quality free network marketing leads organically?


You can use medium to generate leads. If you are unaware of medium, It is a platform in which anyone can share their thoughts and start writing about what you are passionate about.

The website medium has some great authority that will help you provide more exposure to the content that you write.

So, how to use the medium effectively to generate free network marketing leads?

For Example, if you are selling an Aloe Vera product and you want to generate some organic leads related to that specific product. The first thing you will have to do is Keyword research and if you are unaware of what keyword research is,

It is basically an estimated data that provides with

  • What are people searching for?
  • How many people are searching for it?
  • In what format do they want that information?

In order to generate free organic network marketing leads, ranking on search engines is what you should be focused on and this is where Keyword Research comes into the picture.

If you target a specific keyword and write a neat and clean SEO-friendly article about the product, then it will surely rank on google. Google loves to rank quality content. Hence, it is important to write a detailed article that will help people.

Let’s get started with a step-by-step guide.

How to find keywords to write an article on?

Head over to Wordstream, as this is a free keyword research tool that will help you find some best low competition keywords to better rank on Google and other search engines.

Medium-Keyword research

Enter the keyword of the product you are going to sell. Choose the location you are willing to target and In this case, I will be targeting an Indian audience.

The next step is to go through the list of keywords and choose a low-competition keyword phrase that will help you rank on search engines due to its lower competition.

I recommend you choose a keyword with at least 4 or more words in them. These keywords are commonly called long-tail keywords that will rank much faster due to low competition.

Medium-keyword research 2

You can write an article on “Aloe Vera for skin” and if you are selling a product, for example, Aloe drink you can target a keyword “Aloe drink” as this keyword has low competition.

Once you select a keyword you are willing to target it’s time to write an article about it.

Writing Article

The next step is to write a detailed SEO-optimized article on the target keyword. I recommend you to write more than 2000 words of article because the more detailed and quality article you write the better it will rank on search engines.

There are lots of videos on YouTube that will teach you to write SEO-optimized articles. If you are new to writing, then you can check them out on YouTube.

Use all the Header tags properly within the article with some images.

You can also embed a signup form and collect emails from the visitors. Include your Referral link to the product you are promoting inside this article. Do not forget to add Disclosure about the commission within the article to ensure you are following all the medium publisher rules.

Medium is strict with their publisher rules and regulations and you shouldn’t violate and if you violate them they might terminate your post. Here is the link to medium rules and regulations and make sure you read them and follow them.

Once you write a detailed article it’s time to post. With time Google will crawl your blog post and will index it. It might take time for your blog post to appear on search results. Hence, Be patient!

The traffic generated from this method is organic and hence you have better chances of generating free network marketing leads.

Using Quora

Quora is a QnA site that mainly is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

There are lots of unanswered question in people’s mind and Quora is a platform where you can ask your question and let other’s answer your question clearing your doubts.

You can generate free network marketing leads using Quora by answering relevant questions regarding the product you are promoting.

Here is how you can do it.

Free leads network marketing-Quora step 1

Head over to Quora and Enter the product you are willing to promote and click on the search button. You will see all the related questions asked by people.

Now, let’s analyze the first question, as you can see the number of answered by people for a specific asked question by someone. Quora is a reputed website and most of the content is ranked on google and this is something you can utilize and generate some free network marketing leads.

Free leads network marketing-Quora step 3

You can see the number of people who viewed this answer. Now, you can generate traffic by answering relevant answers to your product.

How to generate network marketing leads using Quora?

Answering questions related to the product you are promoting. Whenever a person asks a question about “Aloe Vera”, you can answer the question in a most descriptive way and include a link to the article you have written on Medium within your answer.

This will help your article drive traffic using Quora. However, It is important to make sure you are not spamming these sites with links. Keep your answers appealing to readers in order to generate organic leads to your network marketing product.

Whenever you write attractive and appealing answers to people, most people will upvote your answer making it appear on top of all answers for a specific question.

This is an effective way to generate some free leads for your MLM business.


Reddit is another network of communities based on people’s interests. Find communities you’re interested in, and become part of an online community!

Free leads network marketing- Reditt

It’s a great way to generate some free network marketing leads using Reddit. You can join the subreddit and promote your article link on Reddit.

Joining discussions with people is something you shouldn’t miss. Building relationship with people is the key to Network marketing. There are lots of threads on Reddit where people discuss various topics according to their interests.

You can make build relationship with people and then recommend them your product. However, you should never try to force anyone with your products because it’s annoying.

Let us understand how to generate leads in network marketing using Reddit

Master your Basics

First and foremost, It is important to learn how Reddit works and all its basics.

People share information about what they are passionate about. The information posted by users is upvoted or Downvoted by other Redditors.

These are some of the data about Reddit.

  • 22% of Reddit users are between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • Reddit is used by 14% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49.
  • Men make up 71% of Reddit users.
  • 49.91 percent of them are from the United States.
  • 47 percent of users identify as liberal, 13 percent as conservative, and 39 percent as moderate.
  • 47 percent of Reddit users are online virtually all of the time.
 Create a Professional Profile

As per the data mentioned above, 47% of Redditors are active most of the time. Make sure you create a natural-looking profile, that makes your profile look unique.

People check profiles in order to verify spammers. It is essential to make your profile look genuine to people with who you are connecting.

Next, Join Relevant Subreddit

The next step is to join a subreddit that is relevant to your product and this is where you will find organic leads. Search on the Reddit search bar with the keyword that is related to your product.

 Free network marketing leads using reddit

The URL structure for the subreddit is[Here comes the subreddit]. Once you join a Subreddit you can find all the people that are passionate about the product you are willing to sell.

Free network marketing leads- Subreddit

Now, you can connect with people that share similar interests with Aloe Vera and these targeted people are the most converting ones.

Submit link

The next step is to submit links, and this can be done using two ways

  • Submit link Directly
  • Include a link to your Article in a post

Write a nice and catchy title that will drive people’s attention towards your post. Optimizing your post is important to make sure it appears on top of the posts.

Capitalize the title and make it look informative and appealing to people. Make proper use of tags, because this helps to better rank on the subreddit as well as on the search engines.

Analyze different posts on various Sub-Reddit and discover all the tags that are used by people within their posts.

This will help you better understand the working of Reddit, and also how you can make your post rank on top and drive organic traffic.

If you use Reddit smartly, then you can find some good free network marketing leads through this social media platform.


Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users as of 2020 and this is a great platform if you want to generate free network marketing leads for your product.

Facebook offers great features to its users that will help them discover more and more about their interests and the stuff they are passionate about.

You can connect with people who are passionate about your product using the Facebook search bar.

Groups, Pages are all the various features you can use and create an effective strategy to generate quality network marketing leads.

People use social media extensively and this is the reason Facebook can be a great medium to generate some free high-quality leads for your social media.

So, let us understand

How to generate free network marketing leads using Facebook?

Creating a strategy and sticking with this strategy is what you should focus to generate some leads.

People often try to find a quick strategy to generate leads. But, this doesn’t work in long term. However, if you make a proper strategy and implement it slowly, generating leads isn’t rocket science.

There are people who find easy free leads and are successful in their network marketing business.

It is important to target the right audience with all various factors. The target audience completely depends on the type of product you are willing to promote, its user’s reviews, price, and its brand.

Let us learn how to scale down your target audience.

Take a Pencil and a sheet of paper and write

  1. What Type of product are you willing to promote? Is it a Digital product or a Physical product delivered to a home address? In most cases, if it’s a Digital product you can promote this to anyone and you don’t have to worry about the product delivery. If it’s a physical product, then generating leads and finding all the potential customers within your location would be the best decision.
  2. Is the product made for Men/Women? Most Beauty and cosmetics products are made for women and this is something you should look for. Although, you can’t promote beauty products to males, and you won’t find many conversions even if you do so. If the product is made for both men and women, then you can promote it to both genders.
  3. Target audience using their age- If the product is made for a Teenage student, then you can select a specific age range like 18-24 or something. This will help narrow down your audience and will help you make more sales. If you promote your product to someone who is more likely to purchase, then you shouldn’t find any difficulty in making sales.
  4. Promote products at the right time- People are free during weekends and are mostly free in the evening. Make the best use of it and promote your products only when the customers are free.

Now you know all the various factors you should consider when it comes to lead generation.

Let’s learn how to use Facebook to generate free network marketing leads

Create a Facebook page

If you are a network marketer, then it is important to know all the smallest details of the product that you are willing to promote.

Creating and Facebook page that provides knowledge to other Facebook users. People love learning new things and if you are someone that is willing to provide some quality information, then people would love to follow your Facebook page.

This is How you can grow your network using Facebook. People who are more passionate about your product are more likely to follow your page. However, these people are the ones who are most likely to purchase your product and are the most converting ones.

Interact with your followers regularly– This will build a relationship between you and your followers.

Solve answers asked by your followers– If someone is asking you a question, then answering these questions will make you build more trust with your followers.

Once you build a strong Facebook page, then you can promote your product to people and start generating leads.

Start a Blog

Blogging is another way to find free leads for your business. You can write Blogs on various topics related to your product. You can start building an email list for your visitors.

Building an Email list and promoting your product to this list will help you make sales. This is the most effective way to generate leads in my opinion. Although, this strategy is time-consuming and it might take a while to show results.

The more Blogs you write on topics related to your product, the more visitors you will have. However, if you are more interested in writing, then this is a great way to generate income for your network marketing business.

Facebook Groups

Using Facebook groups to generate leads is one of the ways to generate leads using this social media platform. Join Facebook groups that share similar interests with your product.

Post all the quality information on Facebook that will help you build some relationships with active members.

Posting helpful information is something that will help you attract more people. Once you build value and start communicating with the group members.

You can recommend them your product. But, Be professional while you do so and don’t force them.

Posting helpful information will make people trust you with your product.

Start Attending Events

There are events being conducted on various occasions. This is something you should make use of, meeting new people will help you gain more exposure to your business of network marketing.

People promote their products by attending mega-events that are conducted on a large scale. If you are lucky enough, you can generate some free network marketing leads by attending and promoting your products to people.

Remember to be professional while you communicate with your customers. Promoting your products to your target audience will help you make more sales and thus generates more revenue.

Interacting with people will improve your communication and sales skills as well. However, It takes time to build skills and this is the reason you should be consistent and patient enough to master your skills.

These skills will benefit you in many different ways such as interviews and build your confidence level. It also removes your stage fear and will help you in your academics.

If you are living in a metropolitan city, then you can find these business events very easily.

It is important to make sure you are not promoting your products directly. First, build relationships with people, then once you build trust you can introduce your product to them.

Building a strong and sustainable network is important to generate some free leads for your network marketing business and you can do this by attending different business events.

Using Google search operators

Google is a popular search engine and most people are unaware of the different features offered by the google search engine. Normally, people directly search queries directly on the Google search bar.

Advanced search can be done by using different Google search operators that will help you find more specific searches with many accurate results.

For e.g, If you search using an operator intitle: “ford supercars” Google search will look for the exact keywords ford supercars that are present in the title and show them in search results.

Here is another advanced search operator inurl: “Lamborghini sportscar” Google search will look for the exact keyword Lamborghini sportscar only in the URL.

Note: Google will look for exact keyword if you make use of double quotes (“”) within the keyword.

Making use of these advanced search operators will help you find some successful MLM business people helping you with lead generation.

Finding relevant pages for your business and pitching potential customers can be done using these advanced Google search operators.

If you work smart and use some unique search operators with unique keywords, then you can find some free leads without much effort.

Using Meetup

By making proper use of you can meet new people in your business. Meeting experienced people in your business will give you an idea about promoting your products with the right strategy.

Meetup will help you build connections with people in the same business area. So, if you are in a network marketing business, then you can join a meetup of a similar business.

Exchange your business cards and emails with people to build connections. Successful people in similar businesses can guide you with their experience and expertise.

Most businesses use meetups in order to spread the news about their event. Attending these events make you more confident.

Generate free leads using Linkedin

Linkedin is a social media platform that is mostly used for business purposes. Most people use LinkedIn to find jobs and other services.

Create a genuine and attractive profile on Linkedin that will showcase your work. Add a nice picture of yours on LinkedIn.

Linkedin has over 750+ million active members within its network. However, Linkedin is mostly used by business people and professionals.

As your business is network marketing, you can join some of the groups that are related to network marketing on Linkedin. Build a brand of your own within the group.

You can share your knowledge that might help others, doing this will help you grow and build your own network on Linkedin.

Once people start noticing your knowledge and efforts they will start reaching out. The more you contribute, the more exposure you will gain within the group.

Utilize LinkedIn in your network marketing business, gain some quality connections and leads.

With proper strategy, you can be successful in your business without much effort.


YouTube is another great platform that helps you connect with people. Most people make youtube videos and share them on this platform.

This video sharing and hosting platform is going to make your work easier by providing all the necessary features.

YouTube is a very powerful and trustworthy company that is now owned by Google. People love watching images and videos and prefer these types of content forms over text forms.

It’s very simple to make a YouTube channel, you just have to create a Gmail account and sign in using this account.

You can start making videos related to the products that you are selling. for e.g, if you are promoting an Aloe vera product, then you can create videos related to your product.

There are various benefits and advantages of using Aloe vera, you can make videos related to these and eventually grow your audience on YouTube.

That being said, once you start growing your channel, you can recommend your products to your visitors and make some sales.

You can also create product reviews that help people to make the right choice between products. YouTube SEO is important to grow your audience and rank on search engines, hence, make use of all these in your channel.

You don’t even have to show your face on YouTube, A simple PowerPoint presentation video with a voice of yours’ would work just fine.

Focus on creating quality content for your channel because people love consuming such content. Write an attractive and SEO-optimised description.

Design a catchy YouTube thumbnail because this is the first thing people are going to see before watching your video.

Write a professional yet interesting title for your YouTube video that will attract people to click on your YouTube videos.

Start using Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that is being used by most companies and brands. People usually share their opinions by tweeting on Twitter.

Twitter offers a feature of adding hashtags to tweets and this helps you reach your targeted audience.

Create a Twitter profile that describes your business, and start interacting with people related to your product.

Grow your followers on Twitter by connecting with people and by sharing legit information. You can search for your targeted audience on Twitter by using hashtags.

You can create a landing page on your website that can be used to collect information like email addresses and names.

Retweeting other tweets can also help you build relationships with people in your targeted network. Sharing tips and tricks related to your product will help you generate free network marketing leads for your business.

To sum up

Try these amazing methods to generate some quality leads for your business. Organic traffic helps you convert more and generate some sales.

Spending on advertisements is always costly and time-consuming. However, Generating leads for your network marketing business without investment is completely achievable.

I hope you were able to make use of these techniques to generate free network marketing leads for your business.

Implement all these methods to generate free MLM leads. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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