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  • Ready made Clickbank, JVzoo & WP offers
  • Ecommerce and Affiliate store Built-In
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  • Beginner Friendly

Hey, Welcome to my Detailed Buzzpress review!

In this article, I will review a Product called Buzzpress that is created by Ariel sanders.

It is a great idea to make money online rather than spending time offline working. The Internet is a great place to make some passive income without much effort.

Internet Marketing is something you should try. Internet marketing helps you build relations with your clients and customers that will lead you to generate a conversion.

Disclaimer: we sometimes use affiliate links & advertisements in our content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps us to pay our writing team. Thanks for your support! Cheers.

Financial freedom is important. People often get bored with doing what they are not passionate about and end up feeling depressed.

Online business, Affiliate marketing, running an eCommerce store, Selling online course, and many other things you can do online that will generate your income with your least efforts.

It is always a great idea to follow someone who is already successful in running an online business. If they can do it Why can’t you?

I have seen people struggling to make money online, and trust me they are confused while doing, and hence, they make it worse.

People spend thousands of dollars to improve their revenue generation. There are so many tools and software available on the market that people are confused about what to choose, and what not to?

Here is a Product called Buzzpress. I have been reviewing for quite a bit of time. I will provide my user experience and help you make the right decision.

Stay tuned to read my Buzzpress review.

Buzzpress Review: What is It?

Buzzpress is an online-based cloud SAAS Buzz site builder that will help you with the generation of leads and make some sales. Traffic is important if you want to generate income, and without leads and an email list, it is hard for you to make profits.

This is a massive cloud tool with which you can have a ready-made Clickbank, Jvzoo, warrior plus offers ready to go, and you can create your own E-commerce store and affiliate store built-in.

The BuzzPress is a monetized buzz site-building platform that offers a constant drive for everyday users with auto-posting of breakthrough products, banner advertising in embedded form, and affiliate stores.

In the next section of the Buzzpress review, I will discuss features that come with this product

Buzzpress Review: Features

Make JVzoo, WarriorPlus & ClickBank Affiliate Profits

DFY Banners Campaigns Of The Best Products To Run Your Campaigns And Begin To Profit Instantly with ease.

E-commerce Profits

Begin To Make Sales Out Of The Box with this amazing buzz press. According To Forbes, At Three Months The Average Ecommerce Site Is Generating Just Over $150,000 In Monthly Revenue.

Email List Building Profits

All Autoresponders Supported. Each Email Subscriber Is Worth $1 Per Month. You Can Make $10,000 A Month From A List Of 10,000 Subscribers.

Main Schedule Module

With The Main Schedule Module, Organize Each Category Into Dates During The Time Space You Want.

Visual Calendar

You will have a calendar inside your dashboard with which you can manage and Visualize Your Content With A Great Visual Calendar To Keep Track Of Everything Via Its Simple, Easy-To-Use Drag, And Drop Interface.


For non-tech users, it is quite very easy and user friendly. You can use this without any hassles. Start Getting Buyer Today. Previous Experience Or Tech Skill Is Not Required. No Need Existing Audience.

AdSense Profits

Adsense is a great platform to make money via displaying advertisements on your websites, and Google will pay for showing ads to your visitors. It’s all ready! Google pays you for the ads displayed on your site based on user clicks on ads or on ad impressions, depending on the type of ad.

You might have seen advertisements while you are reading a blog on the internet, and these are kind of ads Google will display on your site and pay you based on the traffic and clicks.

Most of the Hobby bloggers make money via AdSense. This is a great way to make money online building a strong website that earns for you, even if you are sleeping.

Amazon Affiliate Profits

Amazon is the largest E-commerce platform out there, and it has an affiliate program that pays you some percentage of commission if you bring customers and make if they make a purchase.

You will be provided with a Store ID that tracks your analytics. Just Put Your Amazon ID In. You Can Make From $100 To $25000 From An Amazon Affiliate Website.

Profit Flipping Your Site

The site is your real estate, Some people make only $500 per month and some make more than $5,000 per month flipping websites, and website flipping is a great way to make some money. People are looking for websites that are built and are ready to use.

Ready to use websites work great for people who are looking for a well-designed website for their company or business.

On Fiverr, you can make these websites for someone who is looking for a website. This way you can easily make money helping people make websites and get paid easily.

Post’s Stream Dashboard

All The Best Articles And Posts Come Up From The Best Site, And With One Click, Every Post Gets Scheduled.

Post Spinner

To Avoid Plagiarism, The Post Spinner Tool Rewords Content To Ensure Its 100% Original And Unique, Helping Your Google Rankings And On-Site SEO.

Even if you find plagiarism within your content you can get rid of this via Buzzpress Post spinner. Although, In my opinion, spun articles are not that great as they make mistakes and hard for readers to understand.

But yes you can use them and verify them for the mistake and bypass the hard work of writing again on your own to prevent Plagiarism. Buzzpress offers this feature also why no make use of it?

Host Include + Your Domain Option

It comes with a Hosting and a Subdomain of your choice as buzzPress It Is A Fully Hosted Solution. You Can Manage Your Site With Our Subdomain Or Add The Domain You Want.

In my opinion, you should purchase a Domain name of your own choice and then connect using it with Buzzpress.

The reason for this is you will have control over your site, and this is important. I have seen people start blogging and Affiliate marketing on the subdomains of other sites, and trust me it is not a good idea.

This is because you are being provided with a subpart of a Domain and you don’t have complete rights on your domain.

In simple words, It will be something like this- ‘yourchoice’ is the subdomain of Buzzpress. and ‘Buzzpress’ is the root domain.

If you have your own domain. It will look something like this-, and here ‘yourchoice’ is a root domain. If you are using a Domain of your choice you are the owner of the domain.

Commissions Via Affiliate marketing

So, you are wondering what is affiliate marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is something with which you will be paid some percentage of commission upon successful sale.

It is very similar to the Amazon Affiliate that I have mentioned in the above section of the Buzzpress review. You can promote other people’s products and make some commissions easily.

Here is the catch, you don’t even have to have any products to create. Just signup with affiliate programs and start promoting. There are websites like warrior plus, Jvzoo, Commission junction, and etc. that connect Affiliates and product creators.

The product could be anything like digital software, physical products, Tools, and even E-books. Some offers Provide up to 80% of commissions on successful sales to their affiliates.

List Building

I have told this in many of my articles, List building is a great way of promotion and marketing.

It helps you stay connected with your customers, and trust me these are the best way of promotion. Often Email marketing is the ones that make most of the conversion.

You can collect the Email IDs of your visitors with their permission. Each subscriber gives you permission to add them to your lists as well as permission to send them marketing messages and advertising.

The email list is like an Asset for your online business.

Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. Each email subscriber is worth $1 per month.

You can make $10,000 a month from a list of 10,000 subscribers.

Fake Counters

People are confident about buying products once they check out the reviews. A little bit of cheating makes it easier for your product to get some better engagement and attraction, and this helps you to spread out your content much faster.

Social Shares

People love to share content with their loved ones. As people say content is king and trust me it’s true. High-quality content will end up being popular and worthy!

Detailed and in-depth content is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Adding social shares button will help your visitors to share your content with their friends and family.

This is a great way to add up a little amount of traffic hitting up your website.

Show Trending and Popular posts

This is a great way to attract your visitors and keep them engaged with your different posts. Buzzpress allows you to show the best and popular posts to your visitors.

Believe it or not, people end up reading more than an article if you have some great content on your website. The reason is they love your way of writing and your content.

Keep Tracking

Tracking your number of visitors visiting your site or store is important because it will help you analyze and let you know about the audience’s behavior. In my opinion, It is necessary to check out the analytics to keep track of your website performance.

Easy Customisation

Changing settings is always a tough job if you are not familiar with it. Buzzpress makes it easy for you as it allows you to customize settings globally or for a single post without any hassles.

Reorder, hide, or show elements you like It makes the task very simple.

Some Amazing Polls

Polls are something with which you can keep your audience engaged. Often, polls get viral, and this a great opportunity you shouldn’t miss on.

Buzzpress has brought you the most Engaging polls of all the viral sites, and they work great.

Adsense Optimised

The site follows all the best practices to get you more and more clicks that will help you generate more income revenue to your website.

Photomix -Mix photos

Create some great graphics without having to work on illustrator or photoshop. Be creative and Engage your visitors to take some action on your site that will make you some conversion.

Share Reactions

Let your users share some reactions to your posts and stand out from others.

Social Comments Integration

With Buzz press, you can choose your comment system, and let your visitors share their opinion related to your content. This quite simply takes a few seconds to set up and it is ready to go.

Open your own shop

E-commerce is a great business if done correctly. In this pandemic, people are staying home and ordering products online. You can make money with your own store and trust me it is a great idea at this time.

Check out this Product Spressio Review: Is it Worth Buying? It is a great product that will help you by setting up your own store and recommends trending and best-selling products.

Patreon Integration

It is a platform in which fans can support your work by paying some money. Fans can support the artist and their work.

Includes SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is vital to protect sensitive information shared by your visitors. It will encrypt such information and protects your users’ privacy. Information is being sent from the visitors to your website and it is crucial to encrypt the pathway for safety and security.

Powerful Voting

Voting up or down is a great way to improve the overall experience of your visitors. Buzz press has options to set up the voting user interface. You can add this to any template you like and make them look more beautiful.

Custom Domain

They provide an option for you to have your own domain name, and you can set this up by pointing your Domain name server to Buzz press, and you are done.

Translate Language

Not all people know English, and you will miss out on people who know local languages. Translate your content and get connected with people who are not comfortable with the English language.

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As I have explained about the features of Buzz press.

While making this Buzzpress review. I have had a Demo version on which I performed my analysis on it’s working as well.

Now in the next section of Buzzpress review, Let us understand How does buzz press work?

Buzzpress Review- How to use?

Step one: Outlining your site

Main Planner

Buzzpress working step 1

You will have to set up this one time. The main planner is a visual builder that allows you to stay organized with the content for each and every category you want to display on your site.

You can setup Frequency for each post and you have complete control over the categories, days, and hours.

This main scheme is a brain that has all your schedules on it.

Step two: Content Dashboard

Just One-click

Buzzpress working step2


This Dashboard is a Massive store of some great Assets. In this section, you will find the content Arranged of the best Articles and they are organized by their niches.

It’s complicated to set up and organize stuff all yourself. Instead of spending hours writing content, all your own Buzz press allows users to find fresh articles for multiple sources.

Step 3: Optional

buzzpress working step 3

Buzzpress working step 3

Step 4: Ready to Go

Your site is ready to make some money!

All Pages Of Your Viral-Website Combine Ready-Made Banners Of Best Deals From Clickbank, JVzoo And WarriorPlus, Offering You 50 Percent Commissions For Any Deal.

With All This DFY Promotion You’re Ready To Profit Right Out Of The Box!

While making this Buzzpress review. I have had a Demo version on which I performed my analysis.

Buzzpress working step 4

Features Overview:

  • Completely monetized buzz site
  • Capture and convert huge traffic to leads, commissions, and sales!
  • Clickbank, JVzoo & warrior plus offers ready-made.
  • Built-in Ecom Store & Affiliate Shop.
  • Manager of brain planners & dashboard trend articles
  • New cloud building buzz press
  • Built-in Company & Affiliate Shop
  • Includes unlimited free hosting
  • Friendly to start – no code.
  • No fees every month.
  • Built for you, Clickbank, JVzoo & warrior plus
  • Profit advise for each click
  • Establish your own personalized domain

Now you are aware of what is buzz press is all about

Now, In the next section of the Buzzpress review, I will give an overview of who should be using Buzzpress.

Who should use Buzz press?

  • A newbie who is searching desperately for a proven way to make money online.
  • People who have trouble selling whether they can do so quickly, and are struggling to do so.
  • This is for anyone who is searching for a proven way to generate income and make money online.
  • People who’re tired of tech that isn’t working and want to rid themselves of this coding stuff!

BuzzPress Upgrades:

It comes with 1 Front End and 5 OTOs:

OTO1: BuzzPress Traffic ($37 to $47)

  • 13 Social Media Platforms and Traffic from Both Sites Concurrently
  • Get Insights On All Traffic You Created From Social Media Right From Your BuzzPress Dashboard.
  • Keep Your Social Media Pages New and Active By Constantly Updating Content.
  • Customize any article or post it as it is.

OTO2: BuzzPress Club ($37 to $47)

  • You can set up limitless sites!
  • Ready Make DFY Buzz Places To Begin To Benefit And Increasing The Network Right Away
  • DFY Buzz Sites added to the Consumer Dashboard every month.
  • Premium addons include drag and drop builders, live talk, and more!

OTO3: BuzzPress Scraper ($37 to $47)

  • Capture and share viral material on any website!
  • Write back your content in a single click
  • Import from the title to the images, to all text, into the material.
  • With its click and point interface, simple to use. No code and no curve of learning.

OTO4: BuzzPress Store ($37 to $47)

  • Import all the data, including the variety and definition of the products and the images.
  • From your admin dashboard directly scan. Save your time’s hours.
  • Not Required API Key. It works just!
  • Get the Chrome Extension built to scrap and export goods automatically to your site just one click away.

OTO5: BuzzPress Agency ($197)

  • The Agency’s license. License To Sell BuzzPress Like Your Own Product And Retain 100% Of The Gain.
  • Proven Tools Sale. Access the Proven Sales Page and the Video Sales Letter
  • Done-for-You’s selling the site. You can use our sales platform to sell your product.
  • Access to our support staff 24/7.

BuzzPress Review Conclusion

Now I will come to a conclusion of Buzzpress review. You pay the one-time charge, and BuzzPress does not have weekly, annual, or translation fees. This Product this year will definitely be one of your best investments.

Due to the surprising price spike, do not wait to purchase and use this software, it’s a great choice to build and make money online. I guess you’re looking for better stuff ahead, and Thanks for staying connected in this review.

So in this Buzzpress review, I have explained all about the product details. I hope my review will help you find a profitable online commodity.

You can Check out the Product by Clicking on the Banner below.

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Thanks for reading my Buzzpress Review.



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