Activity Book Generator Review: Is it Worth your Money? [2020]

Activity Book generator

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Hey, Welcome to the Activity Book generator review.

In this article, I will review a product that is called Activity Book generator.

It is a great idea to create to sell Activity and coloring books to make some good money. There are thousands of creators that do this job on a daily basis.

Frankly, It is not that easy to create and edit graphical content with consistency, and you might end up being burned out. The activity Book generator created by Amber Jalink does this job for you.

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This is where the Activity Book generator comes into the Picture. As the name suggests, It generates Coloring and Activity Books that are printables for both adults and kids, and this can be easily done with just a few clicks.

These can also be published on Amazon KDP, Etsy, Gumroad, or anywhere you think of.

Activity Book Generator Review

Activity Book generator Review: What Exactly is It?

An activity book generator is a tool that generates Coloring and activity books that are printable. This generated content is for both adults as well as kids.

With just a few clicks you can create your own Activity book without any hassles. These can also be published on Amazon KDP, Etsy, Gumroad, or any platforms you think of.

In the current scenario, there are about 1,800 coloring Images and over 4000 activity pagers. All of these are created by Activity Book generator team.

What is an Activity Book?

An activity book is a kind of book, usually for children, that contains interactive content including games, puzzles, quizzes, color photographs.

They could also be other elements, like writing and drawing, and many other fun activities too.

The book may include loose storylines or may not have other non-interactive elements that structure the interactive elements within the book. Books of activities for amusement, education, or a combination of both may be created.

Coloring books and puzzle books are unique types of books that preschool kids love to do. A book is usually referred to as an activity book if it combines a number and not just one of these more basic types. interactive features.

These are a few of the benefits of reading Activity books, and these are the reasons why people prefer reading Activity books.

What is the Coloring Book?

A coloring book is a type of book that contains line art to which people use pencils, colored types, marker styles, paint, or other art media to add color and trust me this is fun for kids as well as adults.

The paper or card is printed in typical coloring books or Blank sheets. Any coloring books have perforated borders to separate their pages from books and to use them as individual covers.

Others should contain a plot that should be kept intact. Many color books for children today contain famous cartoons, kids love these kinds of activity.

Often they are used for animated movies as advertising materials for marketing. Other games include connecting dots, lazes, and other puzzles that can also be introduced into coloring books.

In the next section of the Activity Book generator review, I will help you understand the advantages of this product.

Activity Book Generator Review: Advantages

Less Screen Time

Spending time watching binge-watching movies and TV shows is not often good for your eyes. These days kids spent most of their time watching TV, playing Video games, and so many other things with smartphones and computers.

Stop the simple “activities” of throwing a movie on the screen and going back to a quiet spot for a few hours. Kids have so much screen time if they are.

Studies say that children spend at least 4 hours a day viewing television or watching TV shows passively. And the number nearly doubles on the days where the temperature prohibits them from escaping outside, and this is something annoying for children, as they can’t play outdoor games.

So, how about popping open kids’ playbooks instead? When you first make this offer, would the kids whine? Ok, perhaps.

But if you pick the correct activity book, your kid would be a lot more interested and happy after spending a day doing hands-on games than they will be looking at a lifeless computer. What’s more, they would develop the qualities required to excel in school and in life.

More Reading

Reading is never boring if Done right!. In reality, you can encourage your children to create a strong reading habit and superior focus ability by enabling them to read with fun popular books.

Language and literacy growth was helped by the use of instructional activity books for knowledge construction, and this helps us to be successful in our life.

Enhanced Listening skills

Activity books help children improve their reading skills by engaging in a series of literacy and critical thinking tasks, and this is something children should learn and engage with.

Their communication abilities naturally develop as they uncover the various steps to complete an operation or activity, this is a great way for them to play and learn.

Fun Experience Together

Moreover, both you and your children will benefit from your direct participation in reading and hands-on events, this makes you and your children know each other properly spending time together.

Recent findings have found that infants are more able to learn if their parents read them aloud, you should surely give this a try with your kids. Young children whose parents read aloud to them, while they are at school, have stronger vocabulary and knowledge.

Children who were read aloud are more inclined than the starting point of language and literacy to developing a love of reading.

Increase their curiosity and interest

Best of all, children’s activity books are given on every possible subject to meet the needs of girls and boys of all ages.

Many popular activities for children, for instance, such as indoor safaris science experiments, craft, Fun activities, and ideas. Others plan to write letters or write tales. Each child has a different type of Activity book!

Activity book generator review

Activity Book generator Review: The system is classified into two types

Coloring Book generator

The coloring book generator includes for both adults as well as for kids. These Images fit perfectly for kids studying in preschool and up.

You can also add text, using simple opensource pdf editors that are available online.

Activity book generator

This will help us generate activity books that are ready to print and sell.

Activities are fun for both kids and as well as adults. They are helpful for us to strengthen our body and helps us to think outside the box.

These are the classification you will find in the Activity Book generator.

Activity Book generator review: How does it Work?


How does activity book generator work 1


How does activity book generator work 2

How does activity book generator work 3

The framework recreates a brand new one each time you order a new update – yeah, each time, and this will help you make more and more money

You can choose between 1 page, 5 pages, 10, 20, or 30 pages, the system will then generate your requirement as per your request.

You may create fast printable materials or full 30-page items as you want.

They are PDF, so you either need to make a cover if you are planning to publish it on Amazon KDP or to upload it if Etsy or Gumroad, etc. They can be used for sale easily.

Yeah, with a free PDF Editing tool you can edit these Graphics with ease.

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Activity book generator review

Now in the above section, of the Activity Book generator review, I have explained how does it work.

Now, let’s talk about what all will this product includes.

Activity Book generator Review- What all will you get?

  • Around 1,000 adult coloring pictures (over 700 new Only pictures) plus an extra 800 (pre-school and up) children and AND more than 3,500 pages included.
  • Activities include your standard hangman, tic tac toe pages, but also find play, labyrinths, activity placemats, what’s wrong, how many words you can find, and more that we CUSTOM Made for this, and these are fun activities.

This is how It looks like

Activity book generator review Activity book generator review Activity book generator review Activity book generator review

It’s just a glimpse that you will get, and there is a lot more you will be getting with the Activity Book generator.

In the next section of the Activity Book generator review, I will discuss a few of the features of this product.

Here is what Amber Jalink say about the Activity Book generator

Activity Book generator Review: Features

Easy to use

Create printables and books each time in less than one minute so that 30-60 books can be produced or multi-page printables within one hour, and you can start selling them wherever you want to.

Activity and Coloring Books

It comes with Book activity, or coloring books, It’s your choice to choose between them. Activities may include Coloring sometime.

Random Content

The chances of repeating images twice are highly rare. There are so many Images in the system, and it’s rare to find a similar book.

Edit as you want

If you want to modify or add terms, edit the PDF easily with a free editor. Free Royalty! Publish what you want and retain all your income.

Why should you buy an Activity Book generator?

  • One printable could take you anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to create the PER page, depending on the complexity. Most adult coloring generators are not as easy to use and take time to load the image or draw, build, and save.
  • Added licensing fees if you purchase the images with the rights to print and sell, make as much money you want by reselling them.
  • Added time to manually build every single page to get your layout right I need to know “some kind” graphics editing software to build them.
  • Easily sell them on Amazon KDP and make some good money.
  • You never have to create or design your own graphics but instead, you have them generated and designed by professionals.

In the next section of Activity Book generator review, let us know who the creator of this amazing tool?

Activity Book generator Review: About the Creator

Amber Jalink has been working online full time since May of 1997… yep, over 23 years! Back in 2007, She created her own planner because nothing out there worked for me. Staff saw it in 2014 and started begging me to create it for them too, and it expanded from there.

she is happy to bring you the next phase of our creation, that lets YOU create books, printables, and other fun things, for any age – with just a couple of clicks of your mouse!

You can Check out the Activity Book generator By clicking on the Banner below.

Activity book generator review

Activity Book generator Review: Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own images?

Not at this time, however, it is on our “to do” list and the team is working on it.

If I want to have a bigger book or different images to combine into one, can I do so?

Yes, you can, but you have to use a PDF editor to do so, and you can find some free opensource pdf editors. Our system does not let you merge at this time.

Am I limited to how many I can create?

Nope! There is no limit, and you can create as much as you want to.

Do I get PLR rights?

You have PLR rights in that you can use these to sell as you wish, However, you can not include PLR rights to others.

Are there any other restrictions?

You can not extract the images and upload these to any free or paid file sharing sites, and that includes graphics sites like Pixabay or Pexels. And obviously, you cannot share your access to your account with anyone.

Thanks for reading my Activity Book generator Review.

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